Spoons night


Basic Spoons Game Play Rules

1  Set up the game. Place the appropriate number of spoons in the center of the table. The number of players minus one equals the number of spoons needed.

2  Select someone to be the dealer. Break up the cards into sets of four of a kind; for example, four jacks. Depending on the number of players, pull out an equal number of card sets for the game. Shuffle the cards and deal four cards to each player.

3  Begin the game. Each player continually passes one card from their hand to the player on their left until someone gets four of a kind. When a player achieves this, they must try and discreetly pick up a spoon from the center of the table and place it in front of them. After this, all other players must try and pick up a spoon. Whoever does not pick up the spoon loses the game and is considered out of play.

Coyotes may have a few different ways they play, but we will explain all details on Spoons night.

I just wanted to give those of you that do not know anything about the game, a glimpse of the rules.

        Date:      November 19, 2010
        Time:     5:30 - 8:30 pm
        Place:    Horizon Christian Church
       4878 Sparks Blvd. Suite 102
        COST:    $3.00

        Please RSVP to kathy-bain@sbcglobal.netmailto:kathy-bain@sbcglobal.netmailto:kathy-bain@sbcglobal.net?subject=email%20subjectshapeimage_1_link_0
We will also have our Annual Ice Cream Social after the Spoons Event. FUN FUN FUN!

And don’t forget the prizes, including the first to RSVP to the event.mailto:kathy-bain@sbcglobal.net?subject=RSVP%20Spoons%20